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sole healing tao benessere yoga consapevolezza

Apprendi le tecniche Taoiste di Alchimia Interna

Sorriso Radiante - Sei Suoni del Benessere - Orbita Microcosmica

Conoscere e coltivare l'Energia Sessuale

Tai Chi - Tao Yin - Qi Gong

Workshop - Corsi - Lezioni - Trattamenti di Benessere

Healing Love Amore Curativo per il Benessere e l'Evoluzione Personale

Alchimie Interne Taoiste con i Sei Suoni del Benessere
e la conoscenza sull'utilizzo dell'Energia Sessuale

Iron Shirt: esercizi fisici per la forza e il radicamento

sole healing tao benessere yoga consapevolezza

Massaggio Addominale Chi Nei Tsang

Massaggio Addominale con l' Energia Vitale

sole healing tao benessere yoga consapevolezzaIron Shirt Esercizi Base Mantak Chia Camicia d'Acciaio

Iron Shirt - Camicia d'Acciaio

What is Universal Healing Tao System

Universal Healing Tao is a complete system to charge our Body with new Energy.
This system is based on Taoist Yogic knowledge, practiced and studied by thousands of years old.
The Tao is the way of Nature, the harmony between man and nature and how the Universe runs.
From the beginnig, the Tao teaches how the body works, how the nature and the universe affect us, the same that nowadays the scientists explain through their tools and researchs.

The human body is a “biological battery” rechargeable.
It is important to learn how to recharge the body optimally, pratical and quick.
The Universal Healing Tao practises, physicals, energeticals,mentals and spirituals, teach this “Inner Alchemy” to transform Energy to obtain relaxation, positive emotions, physical force, more vital energy, wealth and longevity.

The system includes:

  • Qi Kung, Iron Shirt, Tai Chi courses to develop a strong and healthy physical body with a well rooted and balanced energy.
  • Six Healing Sounds course to transform negative emotions to positive ones, to detox and recharge vital organs.
  • Inner Smile course to transform the stress into organs, energetical paths and system of the body into Energy and relax.
  • Microcosmic orbit course to increase and redistribuite energy into the 72000 meridians of the body.
  • Healing Love course to learn how to increase, store and use the own sexual energy to evolve into the physical, energetical and spiritual body.
  • Fusion of Energy course to grow and nourish energetical and spiritual body.
  • Treatments of Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage) and Cosmic Healing.
  • Courses and lessons are both with groups both one to one personalized.

Enjoy with us to study these wonderful disciplines and to improve your wellness in a simply and autonomous way.


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