Cosmic Chi Kung (Eng)

This kind of  Chi Kung strengthens the recharge of the body by the power of Earth, Cosmos and Universal Forces ,particularly to the hands, organs and main meridians such as Du Mai e Ren Mai.

A great result with just one simple practice, that resumes all healing tao system.

This practice can be developed by everyone.

Very useful to wellness therapists.

Learn to absorb and channel Earth and Universal’s Forces;
Bone Breathing and Bone Marrow Washing;
Energetical re-charge of hands, organs,meridians and Tan Tien.

strengthening the immune system;
increase energy level;
increase energy protections
increase mental clarity.

Weekly Lessons with:
Angela Chirico : Monday  and Wednesday h 20.15 – 21.30
Flavio Dossena: Tuesday h 20.45-22

Booking is required.

Buddha Palm Chi Kung Tao Yoga

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