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Healing Love
Healing Love Mantak Chia

Healing Love. the Heart of the Taoist Practices is to learn how to properly cultivate your sexual energy to develop more refined inner alchemy.

Everybody needs energy to run life and evolve as human beings, At birth, you have a certain amount of life energy that will be used by the body to all its functions, spontaneously and by the individual according to their lifestyle.

With some of the yogic practices you learn to keep your body with a good energy level and healthy. With Taoist practices of Healing Love you learn to produce extra energy that can be used for the wellness of the body, for the spiritual evolution, for enjoying own social and family life: everything in harmony with any social structure, family, beliefs, ideas and personal interpretations.

In Taoist Healing Love you learn to "produce" by yourself "sexual energy" : that means the most powerful and refined energy in the human body. It 's important to know and understand that this energy is always coupled with mostly positive emotions of Love and Unconditional Love or Universal Love, because the Sexual Energy has a multiplicative power and it is fundamental to multiply with positive energy.

Healing Love Universal Tao
La bellezza dell'Amore Curativo



That's why we usually teach the technique of the Six Healing Sounds before a course of Healing Love: it is a prerequisite. Commonly the use of Sexual Energy is known for two primary purposes: procreate and have sex. Fortunately, the most precious of human energy has many other functions: simply, it is necessary to study them and turn them into own daily lives. For courses and workshop, see the event calendar or contact us.


To avoid any doubt and misunderstanding, we point out that, during the courses, all participants are dressed; you do physical and energetical  exercises both on the genital organs both on the rest of the body.

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