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How to Study Healing Tao

It is really easy to learn how our body works at every level, physical, energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Universal Healing Tao is a complete system of knowledge and wellness.

We have more possibility to combine the teaching:

One day Workshop

One day from 10 to 18.
One day workshop is the best way to learn the basic of this healing and wellness system.
The day is based on body work, with Inner Smile to improve energetical level and on the emotional level with Six Healing Sounds, each step in harmony and perfect time.

At the end of the day, each student can autonomously improve himself, herself. Anyway, it is also possible to attend weekly lessons
For scheduled week end events, look “Event Page”.

It is also possible to book a day course during the week.
In this case contact Angela: angela@universal-healing-tao.it or +39 334 85 85 878.

4 lessons of 2 hours each one

The Basic Course (Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds) is splitted in four dates of two hours each.

UHT Group Lesson

Weekly lessons for who has just attended the basic course.
This is a way to support and enrich the own home study with the force of a group.

Deepening Inner Smile & Deepening Six Healing Sound

Study day to focus Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds.

They are reserved only for people who have attended the Basic. See schedule page for dates.
It is also possible to book a Deepening Study Day during the week; for this contact Angela: angela@universal-healing-tao.it or +39 334 85 85 878.

On line lesson

Basic Course with Skype, with lessons one to one. 8 lessons of 1 hour each. For who:

  • want to study but he/she is far from the course place;
  • prefer to study in the own home comfort;
  • who has few time and wants to optimaze it to increase own wellness.

Personal Training Lessons

In this case, the basic course is tailored on the person.

For further info or booking: info@universal-healing-tao.it or contact your favourite instructor.

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