Six Healing Sounds and Emotional Balance with Healing Tao Yoga

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Six Healing Sounds Healing Tao Yoga

What about good emotions

The emotions, both negative and positives, are mainly produced and stored by our organs. When there are high stress conditions, physical, mental and emotional or the diet isn’t healthy and the air isn’t good, our organs, that are like “filters”, start to block themselves; they produce toxins and negative emotions (like anger or fear) and store them into themselves and into other parts of our body, producing discomforts and illness. We can learn to transform these energies, teaching to our organs how to produce good emotions like joy love and happiness that improve our longevity and our wellness.
 We do this with Six Healing Sounds that are a yoga practice from ancient taoist tradition.
We learn to transform our emotions, keeping in mind our Inner Smile, the basic practice of Universal Healing Tao Yoga System.

Lung’s sound stimulates the cleaning of these marvellous organs and increases courage, the positive emotion linked with them. The negative emotions are sadness and depression.
Kidney’s sound transforms negative emotion of fear into gentleness and Peace.
Liver’s sound transforms negative emotion of anger into kindness and generosity.
Heart’s Sound Cuore transforms negative emotion of hate, jealousy, envy into Love, joy and Happiness.
Spleen’s sound transforms negative emotion of worry, dishonesty in positive emotion of honesty, fairness, trust, rectitude.
Lastly, Triple Warmer Sound (Triple Warmer is an energetical organ) regulates body temperature and balances the energy into organs and whole body.

Six Healing Sounds Equilibrio emozionale
Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds produce happy and smiling organs.

This kind of discipline is really simple and pratical and it remembers us, like human being, that we can learn how menaging own emotions in a simply, autonomous and harmonic way.
In Italian language you can find books from Mediterrane Editors with Tao Yoga title or in this website in the shop there is the booklet “Healing Sounds”.
Universal Healing Tao Yoga is a system of knowledge clear and simple, about our body runs and it allows us to use quickly yogic tools to recharge ourselves with good energies , transforming and refining them to develop our best style of life. Moreover daily healing tao yoga’s practice prevents a lot of illness and bad situations emotional and mental.
Six Healing Sounds from Healing Tao Yoga is a powerful tecnique to clean and regenerate organs. It works well also on who use omeopatic remedies or particular diets: our wellness is composed by the best knowledge about physical body, emotional body, energetical, mental and spiritual body.

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3 May 2015
Universal Healing Tao Italia