Tai Chi Qi Gong – Moving Meditation

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Tai Chi Qi Gong is a discipline that teachs how to move the force into the physical body through specific

It is important to focus the mind on own body, on own breath and on a lot of other aspects in order to develop Tai Chi’s Form.
The Tai Chi develops on more levels and you can see the benefits on your physical, energetical, mental and spiritual bodies. It is a complete discipline of wellness: it works on the whole body, involving
bones, muscles, joints, tendons, breathing and the force’s compaction. In fact, in this kind of Tai Chi is really important develop the force and store it inside the body structure, usually this aspect is unknown or not used in other tai chi styles.

The Universal Healing Tao Tai Chi is very simple and open to all, children and adults.

The Tai Chi’s Form is based on 13 positions that are repeated in the four directions: North, West, South, Est and viceversa.

These positions are fast to learn and the advantages are multiple, such as:

  • synchronize brain left and right
  • improve joints movements
  • improve strength
  • improve flexibility of the mind and the body
  • improve grounding and energetical balance
  • improve mind concentration
  • peace
  • health.
Tai Chi all'aperto
Tai Chi Mantak Chia


Courses and lessons both group and one to one.
Half-yearly Workshop and weekly lessons.


Why study just with us? Because it is:

  • simple
  • rapid
  • effective
  • virtuous
  • amusing

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